Meet the
Zany Inventor
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You Can Do!
The Zany Inventor is on the lookout for the next generation of creative inventors! During a Zany Inventor program, the audience will participate in demonstrations, watch experiments, and experience discovery! The kids will become inventors themselves!

Learning becomes fun as the children:
  • Meet The Inventor's pneumatic companion Mechanical McMann
  • See how to make their own Lava Jar (an electricity-free "Lava Lamp")
  • Experience the excitement of foaming, bubbling CO2
  • Watch a chemical reaction cause a growth ten time in size!
  • Light a real electric light with just the touch of their hand!
The Zany Inventor emphasizes that science isn't just for the laboratory. Many of the demonstrations can be repeated by the children and their families at home! These fun and amazing demonstrations will have the kids wanting to learn more. Whether it's for your library, school, scouts, or other group, The Zany Inventor program is sure to provied a unique entertainment and educational program!

Safe ... Fun ... and any mess leaves with us!
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